Hi,I am Yibing, an IDM student at NYU.

Creative Coding: Barren Shooting Game

Personal Coding Project




This project is a barrage shooting game by using p5.js library to code. The framing story is inspired by the game Nier. In the 2200s, since the severe climate change and large scale of robots invasion, people have moved to the moon to live. And some warriors stay at earth instead, fighting with those automata which have already hacked and become dangerous in order to protect the earth. In this game, the players will fly their warcraft and eliminate the hacked robots. It’s different from the traditional shooting game because the bullets last for a long time, so it’s much more difficult for the players to dodge. I consider this kind of shooting game very challenging and I also love playing it, and that’s the primary intention of this project.



For the game play design, I designed 3 levels for players to choose: easy, normal and hard. To make the game more playable and challenging, I set 3 bosses at each end of the level. The main game mechanics are including the movement of player and robots, bullets and lasers; the elimination of player and robots if dead; the score record. Players mainly use WASD keys and four arrow keys to move, turn and shoot.




p5.js is a JavaScript library that starts with the original goal of Processing, to make coding accessible for artists, designers, educators, and beginners, and reinterprets this for today’s web.


In the whole design process, I used p5.js library to complete my work. I wrote the codes on the OpenProcessing and you can check my codes on the website. To better organize my codes, I categorized all the mechanics and labeled them as 9 elements: mySketch, enemies, ship, robots, laser, bosses, easy, normal and hard.


To better game play experience, here’s the link of this game: http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/544745

And I also embedded the game below:

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